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Assalamu alaikum my dear brothers and sisters in islam.

I know I have abandoned my blog for so many months, (2 months) and I have been naughty like that :( I just couldn’t think of anything to write about and I completely forgot about it.
Today I was actually thinking about my blog and then dad said: what happened to your blog? And I actually missed it so here I am, starting to write again! Inshallah I will see you on my next post!

Wassalamu alaykum
Habiba ;)

The Most Awesome Blog I’ve Ever Found!

Assalamu alaikum my readers who haven’t read any new posts because I stopped writing them! :(

I feel extremely upset that I’ve stopped writing anything on my blog :(
I am now EXTREMELY upset because I wanted to change my blog theme over a week ago. Or even a month ago… There is being a few problems.

Well anyway, in the title as you can see, it says: The Most Awesome Blog I’ve Ever Found! Well, one day I was looking through  craftgawker <—- Click!
And I found a blog called The First Lime <—– Click!
It’s so cool! I enjoy reading through it a lot. Her blog is really enjoyable, fun, creative and so on. It’s a blog of a thirteen year old girl called Monica. She writes about her life, food, tutorials, tips, clothing and inspirational stuff. Don’t ask me if I copied that ;)

You should visit her blog too. She also likes to write some posts about Remi. Who is a super cute dog. I know, I know dogs are not aloud in Islam.

Well that’s all I suppose… By the way click the links OK?!

Wassalamu alaikum,
Habiba :D

P.S. random pic on the left side above!
Oh well. Just a choco cake we made the other day…

An awesome breakfast

Assalamu alaikum!

Are you feeling so bored and tired today? Well a nice big breakfast will boost up your energy! If you want to be energetic today then you have to boost up your glucose levels. When you boost up your glucose levels you feel really energetic. For example fizzy and cereal boost up your glucose levels! So if you have cereal for breakfast then Inshallah you will feel more energetic for the day. But I don’t think you should have fizzy with your cereal for breakfast because you shouldn’t mix up food either. On every cereal box you would probably read a short note saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it helps your kids to drink more milk and milk keeps your bones nice and strong,”. And it also keeps you full of energy!
So if you want to be energetic then go and have some cereal! If it is breakfast that is.

Wassalamu alaikum!
Habiba :D 8-)

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