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I’m a Top Kid Blogger!

Assalamu alaikum!

Guess what? I just had an interview with KidBloggersClub and they posted it on live last Sunday! I was a spotlight Sunday guest thingymabob. Well, I really wanted you to read my interview and comment! If you want, that is. If you are interested and want to know more about me, just click HERE for my interview with kid bloggers club! I’m very happy alhamdulillah! I love my blog and anything to do with blogging! Do YOU have a blog? Do you post on it often like me? I love to post about lots of things! Do you? If you do have a blog, I would love to read it! You can leave the link in the comment section below if you want to.


If you want you could see Khadija’s interview too! Oh, just in case you are a new reader, Khadija is just a blogger like me.
She has a personal blog and she posts things that are similar to mine. see you on my next post inshallah :D

Wassalamu alaikum,
habiba :P ;)

100 Posts!

Assalamu alaikum!

I’m very happy because today, my blog has got exactly 100 posts! Well, there is 101 including this one! Iwould have got much more if I hadn’t keep abandoning my blog before when I was starting to get used to it and all. But alhamdullilah I’m am happy for what I have now! Have you checked Khadija’s blog and kid bloggers club yet? If you haven’t then I think you should check them out now because they are both very great blogs! They are in the blogroll, below the archives. Among all the other awesome blogs owned by kids! And dad’s web design blog.  Of course! I’m really happy though alhamdullilah.

Please comment :D

Wassalamu alaikum!
Habiba :P ;)


OMG! spoke too soon!

Assalamu alaikum my readers!

As I said on an earlier post, it is not snowing and I’m extremely upset. Well, I spoke too soon! I woke up and everywhere was white! We had breakfast and went outside and played snowball fight. We played and played and finally we went back in the house. Then we had some yummy hot chocolate and hung up our wet clothes to dry. It was such an awesome day and It’s still snowing now! Depending on when your reading this. Well, today is a busy day and I have to go now, sorry. But Inshallah I will upload some pictures later of the snow.

Wassalamu alaikum!
Habiba :D !

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