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A note about the poem post.

Assalamu alaikum!

This is something I wanted to tell you. Did you enjoy the poem post?
Me and my mums poem was smaller then the real poem wasn’t it? But I still liked my poem I wrote with my mum and it was really great fun writing it!
I lit my special purple candle and turned the lights off, and my mum closed the curtains while we were writing the poem!  I did the last small sentence of the poem on my own though because my mum had to do something at the very end.
Have you ever made a post/poem/story with your mum?
If you haven’t then I should tell you that it sure is fun!

I didn’t notice our poem was a bit small and I just found out when I put it on my blog!
I hope you all enjoy reading my posts and PLEASE COMMENT!!!

Assalamu alaikum!

A poem I made with my mum.

Assalamu alaikum!

I made a poem with my mum. It’s a copy of a different poem, but most of the words are different.
The actual poem is made by a person called Pie Corbett. I’ll be showing you the actual poem and then how me and my mum changed it and made it our own poem. The only thing is they both have the same title!
Here goes the actual poem!

By Pie Corbett

The match scratches,
Grazing the box,
Letting loose
the golden genie.

The flame slips
Onto the candle,
Fidgets restlessly,
Till it stills -

Like an amber eye,
A shy spy,
Stealing secrets
From the dark.

The flame flicks,
Winks once
And is gone -

Leaving a twist
Of sullen smoke
Above that still
White pillar.

That was the poem made by Pie Corbett and now here’s my copy of it I made with my mum exactly the same but most of the words are different.

The match scrapes,
The brown ribbon,
Bringing light into the room.

Like a wolf’s ear,
Shaking with fear,
Of fierce coming hunters,

In the dark wood.
The light flickers
From where it stood,

Leaving a swirl of smoke behind.

I hope you liked my poem and enjoyed reading! Please feel free to comment and come again!

Assalamu alaikum!