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My first hama bead designs!

Assalamu alaikum!

I would have posted these designs a while ago, but as you know, NO CARD READER!!! But alhamdulillah we found it now soooo, without further ado:

My hama bead flower

My hama bead rainbow!

These are my first two designs. I love my rainbow especially! It’s got all the colours in it and even the cute puffy clouds. rainbow hama bead designs are very popular and I love them! I’m so glad we got to transfer all the pictures on to the laptop, Alhamdulillah! Please feel free to comment and/or share any hama bead ideas in the comment section below!

Habiba ;)

Fatima and Aysha are back!

Assalamu alaikum!

More pictures of Fatima and Aysha! And Fatima and Aysha decided to go on the blog again!
Well today I will only put on one picture sorry of Fatima and Aysha, and there dog mischief! (sorry there is only one picture today!)
OK here go’s picture 1:

The first one is with the puppy which is in Fatima’s arms and Aysha’s arm’s over Fatima’s shoulder. I liked this picture. And that’s my squishy England pillow over them which I gave to my little cousin sister. And she really likes it allhamdullilah!
By the way that pillow was actually very VERY squishy! Super squishy… super super SUPER squishy!

Oh well carry on. Mischief is Fatima and Aysha’s favourite dog. They all always play together and they have fun!

Sometimes I play with Fatima and Aysha but the only thing is that I don’t really play with them much now. I don’t know why I’ve had them for a long time now but I still like them and I still do play with them sometimes you know!
I will have to write alot about Fatima and Aysha because then you can know more about them.

I hope you enjoy reading all my posts and things! I haven’t written on my blog for a long time now so I decided to do two blog posts today! And I really can’t wait to do the second one!
Fatima and Aysha are the only dolls we have but now Khadija my big sister said that I can have Aysha because she doesen’t play with her anymore so now there both my dolls!
I don’t even play with them much anyways as I said up there.

I haven’t really got much to say and I have to go now!
Assalamu Alaikum!


Canon Hill park’s nature.

Assalamu alaikum!

I haven’t written much on my blog for quite a long time so now I shall write a blog post about my favourite park called Canon Hill park! Canon Hill
park is a nice big park which love allot! It has different places which you can have big fun adventures!
If you haven’t been to Canon Hill park than you should go their one day.
Every time I go to Canon Hill park I always have new adventures! One thing I wanted to say was that one day I want to go around the whole park. Same with the beach! I want to go straight on forward until some man comes right up to me and asks me what I’m doing! Then I’ll stop and go straight back! (And I’ll march!)
Don’t you like the picture on the right? I’ts a picture of one of the flower trees in Canon Hill park.
Canon Hill park is beautiful! It is full of beautiful flowers and different things.

Me and Khadija have had lots of big adventures in Canon Hill park. but there’s always the stingy nettles! You wouldn’t like to be stung by stingy nettles would you?
I got stung by stingy nettles once and it REALLY hurt. But I’ll be more careful this time inshallah. You can always make an awesome hide out but you never know how much people have been in that hide out while you’ve been at home. I love this tree in Canon Hill park which is bent down and you can go inside it! It’s awesome and it’s a sakura tree!

Here is a picture of the bent down sakura tree! I love going in the sakura tree everytime we go to Canon Hill park! We could have made that our hide out but first of all it’s small and second of all it’s right next to the pavement, if you look closely at the picture you can see that we took the picture while walking on the pavement.
Below this picture there is a picture of our hide out. It can be many other people’s hide out too because sometimes I find bottles or other little stuff laying around when we get to the hide out. The hide out is a place completely full of adventures! That’s why we love it so much! Khadija my big sister wants to be a detective one day when she grows up. I want to be a detective too! We always try to find clues.One time we found out that someone has been camping not far from the hide out. We found clues like a sock and a shoe and names carved on the tree.

And this is a picture we took on the way to the hide out
I really can’t write much because I have to go!
By the way inshallah I’ll do a different post of Canon Hill park and inshallah it will have some picture’s of the hide out!

Assalamu alaikum! :)

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