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Desk Tour!

Assalamu Alaikum!

I am very excited to announce that I have finally fixed up my desk. So I decided to do a desk tour!


This is a photo of the whole desk. As you can see, I love sticking things on my wall :)


On the left of my desk is my drawing station. With all my notebooks, stationary, cards and my name plate! I like playing scrabble with my family <3 Behind my scrabble name plate is my small little box which has some random bits and bobs.

IMG_6991Next to my drawing station are my favourite shells which I put in the Hama bead box which I made back in England. I couldn’t fit all of my shells in it, I have way too many :[

IMG_6985And on the right of my desk I have my Harumika mannequins and my vintage box which I keep all my fabrics in. On top of my box is my plant that gives a little greenery to my desk. Next to it is my little hearty frame which  my friend gave me as a present.

IMG_6996I also have my most favorite Hama bead designs standing on different parts of my desk. I love them so much and they brighten up my desk too! I really like Hama beading but it’s much more fun to do it with friends so I don’t do it every single day.

IMG_6993And last is my wall. I love sticking things on my wall. There is a ‘Something Sweet’ poster which was given to me & Khadija as an Eid present from my friend, Fatima. And a cupcake card which is also from my friend Fatima. There are other cards on my wall too + a random picture of a peacock which I drew a while ago when I was bored. And a rainbow snowflake!
IMG_6994 There is my drawing of a girl in a beautiful garden full of flowers and my other drawing of just a normal girl with a red dress! Oh, and the Confetti Tassels are made by Khadija. I really do recommend you read her blog!

So that’s it! Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and tell me what you think in the comments! I hope you enjoyed my desk tour.
P.S. In the last picture, my drawing is not showing properly because it’s only been drawn with a pencil. But I will do another post of my drawings so you’ll see it clearer InshaAllah :D

Wassalamu Alaikum,
Habiba ;P

Tutorial: Different top designs for Harumika :) top design 1

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

This is a tutorial post on the 1/4 different Harumika tops you can do. I will do one tutorial in one post inshallah. Tell me which one is best! Each design has a small picture tutorial. If you didn’t understand anything, then tell me in the comment section below and Insha Allah I will try to explain it to you or make a better tutorial. But, I hope that that won’t happen Insha Allah. Well, here is to design no.1!

The very simple and easy top

Hold the material horizontally and
tuck the ends into the back with your harumika stick.

It should then look like this.

Add as many accessories and belts as you like :)

Thanks for reading! And I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It was a very basic top.
Insha Allah I will post other top tutorials soon!

Wassalamu Alaikum,
Habiba ;)

Trip to: Botanical Gardens!

Assalamu alaikum everybody!

We went to Botanical Gardens one day, when my mum’s friend said that she wants to take us out because it was such a beautiful day! We went round the whole place and it was nicer than I thought. Here are a few pics we took on our trip:



OK, not a “few”. But do you like it? It’s a very beautiful place with nice scenery and butterflies flapping around :) There’s even a special place with loads of butterflies and some of the butterflies land on your arm or leg and it’s so cool! I’ve never seen so many butterflies before.

Did you notice the coins in the water? I don’t know why they are there, but theres quite a lot!
Have you ever been to any botanical gardens? Or beautiful places? I enjoyed my day out Alhamdulillah. I hope you enjoyed my post. Please comment :D

Habiba :P :)


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