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Cake anyone?

Assalamu alaikum.

Guess what? 2-3 days ago, dad was saying that we haven’t baked any chocolate cake for quite a while and so Khadija said she will make a cake. I didn’t make a cake because two cakes would be too much and I made a sponge cake recently…… But I helped with the decorating bit :D By the way, it is called Luna in Russian.
Well, we went shopping that day because our fridge was nearly empty. And we decided to get a few cake decorating stuff. We already had some decorating stuff at home because my mum bakes cakes for family fundraising events and she usually needs some stuff to decorate. I especially like her honey cake :)

And then we came back home to start decorating Khadija’s cake! It was so fun! And it looked so good that I had to show you! I won’t bother writing the recipe though. Sorry.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you, it’s called moon cake. So we made it the shape of a moon! So here is the result, TADAAA!

The decorations are all a mixture of:

  1. Marzipan,
  2. Maltesers,
  3. Sugar hearts,
  4. sugar buttons,
  5. sprinkles,
  6. Designer Icing,
  7. and cream!

It is so delicious!  And filling. What a lovely mixture. :P This chocolate cake is my favorite chocolate cake ever! It is extremely delicious. Well, that’s all for today! Please comment!

Habiba :)

Choco cake! :)

Assalamu alaikum my dear readers!

I guess I haven’t been writing for a while. I can’t really think up of what I should write about. I decided to show you our chocolate cake that we baked a few days ago. I’m happy that I quickly  took a picture of it before it got gobbled all up!

It was super tasty! I’ve never tasted such a wonderful tasting chocolate cake. I will give you the recipe on another post Inshallah. I’m happy that I got to write something today alhamdulillah!

Wassalamu alaikum.
Habiba :D


Assalamu alaikum!

Right now I just remembered my mum’s samosas. Oh I love them so much!
I love the meat inside! But sometimes she makes them with potato’s inside. I love the potato one too. Yummmmy!
Today my mum is making samosas HOORAY!

You know what? You should try my mum’s samosas one day! And see how they taste like!
And you can see how they look like too :

Don’t they look tasty? I think they do! Please tell me what you think in the comment’s!

Wassalamu alaikum!
Habiba ;)


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