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Assalamu alaikum.

My dad had bought me a book that gives you tips on how to make some normal household items very useful!  It comes in handy when you run out of shampoo, have a missing button on your jacket, or, need to polish your piano keys.

It gives you tips on how to keep flies, cockroaches, and ants out of your garden/kitchen. Also featuring: Vinegar, Salt, Toothpaste, Coffee Grounds, String,  Pantyhose, Mayonnaise, Balloons, Clothespins, Aspirin, Aluminium foil, Marshmallows,  And more than 200 other common, around the house items! One of my friends loved this book so we let her borrow it. She’s probably trying out lots of crazy stuff ;) You can read and find out loads of cool things that you’ve never thought of doing before.

Assalamu alaikum XD

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