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Trip to: Botanical Gardens!

Assalamu alaikum everybody!

We went to Botanical Gardens one day, when my mum’s friend said that she wants to take us out because it was such a beautiful day! We went round the whole place and it was nicer than I thought. Here are a few pics we took on our trip:



OK, not a “few”. But do you like it? It’s a very beautiful place with nice scenery and butterflies flapping around :) There’s even a special place with loads of butterflies and some of the butterflies land on your arm or leg and it’s so cool! I’ve never seen so many butterflies before.

Did you notice the coins in the water? I don’t know why they are there, but theres quite a lot!
Have you ever been to any botanical gardens? Or beautiful places? I enjoyed my day out Alhamdulillah. I hope you enjoyed my post. Please comment :D

Habiba :P :)


Latest news!

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

I haven’t been posting for a while I know. And I really missed my blog. And you have probably deserted my blog by now. But soooo much has happened! Okay, not THAT much.

Wait wait WAIT! First things first. I wanted to post about a week ago and a few times before that, but my blog was not opening up. It was blocked or something and that was really annoying. But then we fixed that alhamdulillah! We had a big party sleepover in the beginning of April and my BFFs came over, Now that was fun! And 2-4 days after that, Ohhh you’ll never guess what happened!

My hama beads arrived!  Yep, you heard me alright, HAMA BEADS! Last time I hama beaded I was in Sharjah.You see, a few days before the sleepover, I had ordered some hama beads with my allowance and they had arrived after the sleepover. I was so happy and excited that I got it and started hama beading straight away! Hooray!

We also have been looking for the card reader but we have had no luck, as we can’t find it ANYWHERE. And now I can’t transfer all the pictures I took on the camera, onto the laptop :( I am making hama bead boxes at the moment which are looking good alhamdulillah. Inshallah I will put a photo of it on one of my posts (As soon as we find the card reader).

And that’s all!

Wassalamu alaikum,
Habiba ;)


What are the birds of prey?

Assalamu alaikum my dear readers!

I am very sorry that I haven’t been posting for nearly a month. I have been extremely busy these days and when I did have time I would always not know what to write about. I will be very busy this coming week too. As my mum’s friend needs us to look after her two small children for the week. But I’ll try to post as much as I can Inshallah. Well, I just wanted to give you another “Tell Me What” post to keep you busy for now.

Here goes! Bismillah:

The birds that feed on other animals are called the birds of prey. Some of the most common predators are eagles, hawks, vultures, falcons, kestrels and buzzards. Most birds of prey are strong fliers with sharp eyes, hooked beaks and powerful talons or claws. These birds usually swallow big chunks of food.

The birds of prey attack in several ways. The kestrel hunts by hovering over an open ground and, then, pouncing upon it’s prey before it can escape. Birds of prey have a very good eyesight. As they hover many metres above the ground, they can detect the slightest movement of a mouse in the grass below. The falcon stoops or dives its head first at its prey and catches it in it’s claws. Vultures are the biggest birds of prey. They do not hunt. Rather, they feed on carrion ( dead animals ). The peregrine falcon while stopping on its prey can reach up speeds of 350 km/hr.

And that is the end! This topic has quite a lot of interesting facts about birds doesn’t it? Here is a quick small fact for you:
The palm nut  vulture is the only vegetarian bird of prey and it feeds on oil nuts.

I really hope you enjoyed this post!
And I was thinking, if you can’t find this book in the library or shop, you probably read my posts.
And if there is something that you really want to know/you are interested in, then please tell me what it is in the comment section below and Inshallah I will do a post about it! Because my book has nearly everything.

There are six sections:

  1. Human body,
  2. Animal world,
  3. Plant Kingdom,
  4. Amazing earth,
  5. Science and technology, and
  6. General knowledge.

I hope that you will comment Inshallah. And I thank you for reading my post!
See you on my next post Inshallah!

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Wassalamu alaikum,
Habiba :D ;)

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