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Latest news!

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

I haven’t been posting for a while I know. And I really missed my blog. And you have probably deserted my blog by now. But soooo much has happened! Okay, not THAT much.

Wait wait WAIT! First things first. I wanted to post about a week ago and a few times before that, but my blog was not opening up. It was blocked or something and that was really annoying. But then we fixed that alhamdulillah! We had a big party sleepover in the beginning of April and my BFFs came over, Now that was fun! And 2-4 days after that, Ohhh you’ll never guess what happened!

My hama beads arrived!  Yep, you heard me alright, HAMA BEADS! Last time I hama beaded I was in Sharjah.You see, a few days before the sleepover, I had ordered some hama beads with my allowance and they had arrived after the sleepover. I was so happy and excited that I got it and started hama beading straight away! Hooray!

We also have been looking for the card reader but we have had no luck, as we can’t find it ANYWHERE. And now I can’t transfer all the pictures I took on the camera, onto the laptop :( I am making hama bead boxes at the moment which are looking good alhamdulillah. Inshallah I will put a photo of it on one of my posts (As soon as we find the card reader).

And that’s all!

Wassalamu alaikum,
Habiba ;)


New amazing Hama bead design!

Assalamu alaikum readers!

I have made a new hama bead design! It is really cool and quick to make! You know I have a square which I make my designs on? Well, just in case I didn’t tell you I had a squirrel shape too!
And I made two squirells out of it. But I lost it when I was moving to Sharjah I had made SOOOO many hama bead designs before I moved. But now there all gone :(
Let me tell you what cool things I made:

Keith the squirrel,
Miss Posh the squirrel,
A bus,
An airplane,
a flower,
an air balloon,
a fish,
a ladybird,
a butterfly,
and a… umm….. that’s all I think.

Do you like my list? In Sharjah I haven’t made much stuff. I have run out of white hama beads :(

Well anyway, I completely forgot that I had to show you my new hama bead design!
Oh my goodness me! I’ll show you now then:

I loved this hama bead design!
Please tell me what you think in the comment section! It was really quick and easy. I just put lots of hama beads on it and put them in the little spikes!
As simple as that! Thank you for reading my post and Inshallah I’ll see you on my next post!


Wassalamu alaikum!
Habiba :D

P.S. The squirrel was made before I run out of white hama beads.
You can see plenty of hama beads in the picture above.

Hama beads!

Assalamu alaikum!

I love hama beads! There fun and you can create anything you want! I’ve made lots of hama bead designs and Ii think that there great! Look at this picture I found from Google, but the only thing is, I didn’t make it.


Isn’t it cute? I loved this one and I was planning to make it soon inshallah! I was planning to make another one exactly the same but a different colour, red!
I like the colour red, I’ts one of my favourite colours.

Green is too but I don’t know which one I like best! I also like purple and turquoise. Oh, and I’m planning to make another post on Fatima and Aisha.

Assalamu alaikum for now!




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