Hama Bead Inspiration!

I was looking through Hama (perler) Bead designs a few days ago and just as I couldn’t find anything cute or interesting and was about to turn off the tab, I saw something so cool which I just fell in love with and it really inspired me to get out my Hama Beads!


I really love these baskets and I would have probably already made them by now but unfortunately, I can’t find a tutorial anywhere! It’s so disappointing because I really love them :( But I’m still looking. And if I DO find a tutorial and if I DO get all of the materials that are needed and if I DO make it, then InshaAllah I’ll take a picture of it and post it as soon as I can :D

hamabead bracelets!!
Also, I can see that this is Hama-bead weaving, not placing the beads on the peg-board and ironing them flat! So it might be a tiny bit trickier, but I will still give it a go, InshaAllah. And I found some really cute Hama-Bead bracelets as well. They look really colorful and stylish too! I’m sure their much easier so I think I might try one of them first, to get more confident ;) Thank you for reading and please don’t hesitate to leave any comments!
Habiba :P

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