Tutorial: Different top designs for Harumika :) top design 1

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

This is a tutorial post on the 1/4 different Harumika tops you can do. I will do one tutorial in one post inshallah. Tell me which one is best! Each design has a small picture tutorial. If you didn’t understand anything, then tell me in the comment section below and Insha Allah I will try to explain it to you or make a better tutorial. But, I hope that that won’t happen Insha Allah. Well, here is to design no.1!

The very simple and easy top

Hold the material horizontally and
tuck the ends into the back with your harumika stick.

It should then look like this.

Add as many accessories and belts as you like :)

Thanks for reading! And I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It was a very basic top.
Insha Allah I will post other top tutorials soon!

Wassalamu Alaikum,
Habiba ;)

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