Trip to: Botanical Gardens!

Assalamu alaikum everybody!

We went to Botanical Gardens one day, when my mum’s friend said that she wants to take us out because it was such a beautiful day! We went round the whole place and it was nicer than I thought. Here are a few pics we took on our trip:



OK, not a “few”. But do you like it? It’s a very beautiful place with nice scenery and butterflies flapping around :) There’s even a special place with loads of butterflies and some of the butterflies land on your arm or leg and it’s so cool! I’ve never seen so many butterflies before.

Did you notice the coins in the water? I don’t know why they are there, but theres quite a lot!
Have you ever been to any botanical gardens? Or beautiful places? I enjoyed my day out Alhamdulillah. I hope you enjoyed my post. Please comment :D

Habiba :P :)


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