Cake anyone?

Assalamu alaikum.

Guess what? 2-3 days ago, dad was saying that we haven’t baked any chocolate cake for quite a while and so Khadija said she will make a cake. I didn’t make a cake because two cakes would be too much and I made a sponge cake recently…… But I helped with the decorating bit :D By the way, it is called Luna in Russian.
Well, we went shopping that day because our fridge was nearly empty. And we decided to get a few cake decorating stuff. We already had some decorating stuff at home because my mum bakes cakes for family fundraising events and she usually needs some stuff to decorate. I especially like her honey cake :)

And then we came back home to start decorating Khadija’s cake! It was so fun! And it looked so good that I had to show you! I won’t bother writing the recipe though. Sorry.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you, it’s called moon cake. So we made it the shape of a moon! So here is the result, TADAAA!

The decorations are all a mixture of:

  1. Marzipan,
  2. Maltesers,
  3. Sugar hearts,
  4. sugar buttons,
  5. sprinkles,
  6. Designer Icing,
  7. and cream!

It is so delicious!  And filling. What a lovely mixture. :P This chocolate cake is my favorite chocolate cake ever! It is extremely delicious. Well, that’s all for today! Please comment!

Habiba :)

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