The Most Awesome Blog I’ve Ever Found!

Assalamu alaikum my readers who haven’t read any new posts because I stopped writing them! :(

I feel extremely upset that I’ve stopped writing anything on my blog :(
I am now EXTREMELY upset because I wanted to change my blog theme over a week ago. Or even a month ago… There is being a few problems.

Well anyway, in the title as you can see, it says: The Most Awesome Blog I’ve Ever Found! Well, one day I was looking through  craftgawker <—- Click!
And I found a blog called The First Lime <—– Click!
It’s so cool! I enjoy reading through it a lot. Her blog is really enjoyable, fun, creative and so on. It’s a blog of a thirteen year old girl called Monica. She writes about her life, food, tutorials, tips, clothing and inspirational stuff. Don’t ask me if I copied that ;)

You should visit her blog too. She also likes to write some posts about Remi. Who is a super cute dog. I know, I know dogs are not aloud in Islam.

Well that’s all I suppose… By the way click the links OK?!

Wassalamu alaikum,
Habiba :D

P.S. random pic on the left side above!
Oh well. Just a choco cake we made the other day…

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