How I don’t like being ill.

Assalamu alaikum!

Today I wanted to talk about when I don’t feel well. Isn’t it annoying?
Everyday you have to stay in bed and you have to eat certain foods and medicines you don’t like or you do like. But you don’t get to go to your friends growing up party, and to the shops with your mum, or to your swimming lessons or you could have went to the cinema as your mum promised and watch Madagascar two! That was compleetely random! The “you could have went to the cinema as your mum promised and….” bit.

There’s lots of things you could have done if you were not ill! It’s just that you have to do all this staying in bed stuff to get well and do all the having fun stuff!

I was ill last week but allhamdullilah it was only for three days and I’m better now! But now I just have a cough.
Last week I had a fever a blocked nose and a cough AND a dizzy hurting head all in one! It didn’t feel good at all!
It actually felt very annoying and I felt sad.

If you have a cold or something then inshallah you’ll get well soon and if you don’t then allhamdullilah for that!

Assalamu alaikum!

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