Fatima and Aysha are back!

Assalamu alaikum!

More pictures of Fatima and Aysha! And Fatima and Aysha decided to go on the blog again!
Well today I will only put on one picture sorry of Fatima and Aysha, and there dog mischief! (sorry there is only one picture today!)
OK here go’s picture 1:

The first one is with the puppy which is in Fatima’s arms and Aysha’s arm’s over Fatima’s shoulder. I liked this picture. And that’s my squishy England pillow over them which I gave to my little cousin sister. And she really likes it allhamdullilah!
By the way that pillow was actually very VERY squishy! Super squishy… super super SUPER squishy!

Oh well carry on. Mischief is Fatima and Aysha’s favourite dog. They all always play together and they have fun!

Sometimes I play with Fatima and Aysha but the only thing is that I don’t really play with them much now. I don’t know why I’ve had them for a long time now but I still like them and I still do play with them sometimes you know!
I will have to write alot about Fatima and Aysha because then you can know more about them.

I hope you enjoy reading all my posts and things! I haven’t written on my blog for a long time now so I decided to do two blog posts today! And I really can’t wait to do the second one!
Fatima and Aysha are the only dolls we have but now Khadija my big sister said that I can have Aysha because she doesen’t play with her anymore so now there both my dolls!
I don’t even play with them much anyways as I said up there.

I haven’t really got much to say and I have to go now!
Assalamu Alaikum!


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