I had a brilliant day, How about you?

Assalamu alaikum!

Yesterday was a great day. We jumped on the trampoline with our neighbour Aysha.
It was great fun,and we played with Aysha’s skipping ropes. How do you think it would be like skipping on a skipping rope on a bouncy trampoline?

It sure is great fun to me! We get to jump really high! And we were all really hot because it was all nice and sunny yesterday!

Today my  big sister Khadija is making chapati and my mum is making the chicken curry.
I remember last summer we had a big water fight!
And we are going to have a big water fight this summer too inshallah!

Do you have a trampoline?
Why don’t you try skipping on a trampoline one day!
Or you can play skipping with a friend and beat each others scores!

I hope my mum will let me jump on our trampoline today!
And one morething is that if you think that Aysha is supposed to be Ayesha then I don’t know what to do because:

First of all: Thereare loads of ways you can spell Aysha.
And second of all: (Aysha spells her name that way and she gets upset if you spell her name a diffrent way).

Assalamu alaikum!

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