A book I found interesting.

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

Today, well not today but about two weeks ago I had finished a book called “Trouble according to Humphrey.” Some people might have already seen it or heard of it or have even read it. But for whoever has not heard of it I want to tell them that it’s a really good book.

I really enjoyed it and it’s all about a hamster called Humphrey,
and Humphrey is a hamster that lives in a school and only one child gets to take Humphrey home at the weekends it’s really great and it’s one of the best books I have read.

One of the bits I liked the most was when a girl called Miranda Golden gets into trouble by the teacher, Mrs. Brisbane.
And how she gets in trouble is because the teacher said that she forgot to lock Humphrey’s cage and it’s not really her fault! It’s Humphrey’s!

 Because the cleaner that cleans the school always comes in the evening and he saw Humphrey come out of his cage so he left a letter for Mrs. Brisbane to tell her that Humphrey has been out of his cage.
Well you see, Humphrey has got a lock on his cage that doesn’t lock so that is a lock that doesn’t lock!

 And Humphrey lives in a cage on a long table. He lives on it with Og the frog his neighbour. Og is a very BOINGy frog you see all he does is BOING BOING BOING! But Humphrey is a very clever hamster and you see he does really like his Neighbour sometimes.

So you see that’s why it’s called “Trouble according to Humphrey.” Because he always gets himself or one of the school kids into trouble.
There is also other books of Humphrey, there is: “Friendship according to Humphrey.” And “The world according to Humphrey.” And there’s even a website called http://www.FunwithHumphrey.com. See! I told you it exists because it has become a thing you click on!

I really love the Humphrey book and the other one bit I liked about it was when Humphrey goes to a kids house for the weekends. Well what happens is that Humphrey goes to Art’s house for the weekend and he has awesome great fun! Paul was coming to Art’s house too, so he could do some maths with him because Art’s marks were going: DOWN-DOWN-DOWN! So Art used to be Paul’s best friend when they were younger and now art says: “Paul is to young to be with me his a year smaller than me!” So while Art and Paul go into the kitchen to study, Humphrey makes his ideas in his little notebook.

His plan was to get out of his cage lock that doesn’t lock then sneak up to Art’s room then, he had to go in Art’s train (that he made by himself) and he accidentally got tired and he accidentally pulled a thing but he had no time to see what it was because the train started moving and it set off!

But then all of a sudden it became all dark! Humphrey was going through a tunnel and then he was going up-up-up a bridge and then the train fell of the track! b”Help!” squeaked Humphrey. He was holding onto the edge of the bridge with his little paws.
Then Humphrey hears Paul say: I can hear him, he is in here!” Art and Paul ran into the room.
“Humphrey!” said Art.
Then Paul tells Art that the train keeps falling of the track because the wheel is big and the other is small or something like that.
Well anyways, then they fix the train and Humphrey goes on it three times and Art gets high marks and he becomes friends with Paul.

And there is another bit that I really want to tell you. It’s a really good bit is well.
So I’ll start from here.

Suppers at my classmates’ houses are always fascinating to me – there are yummy smells and interesting things to hear, all about one person’s day at work and another person’s day at school.
Some people were loud when they ate, like Lower-Your-Voice-A.J. and his family. Some people were quit, like Tabitha and her foster mum. Seth’s family didn’t talk much and when they did, it was about one subject: Seth.

“Can’t you sit still?” asked Lucinda, in a superior tone of voice I didn’t care for.
“I am sitting still,” said Seth.
“You are not! You bumped the table. See, my water spilled,” his sister replied.

“Do try and be calm, honey,” Seth’s mum said.

I don’t want to carry on because I don’t want to wreck the surprise for you I want you to read the book on your own alright?
I found it in small heath library.
And one more thing is that what I was reading right now was on chapter three and it was called the situation with the stevensons.

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And by the way, I will be writing more posts of Humphrey.

Assalamu alaikum!

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