Joe’s story part two!

Assalamu Alaikum I present you Joe’s story part two!

 I don’t really like to mum alone with all the work, thought Jo. The next day mum was feeling better so she went to her friend’s house. “I’m just going to lie down for a bit.” said Jo. A few minutes later somebody knocked on the door. Jo answered the door and there she saw grandpa.
 “Hello grandpa! What are you doing here?” She asked.”
“Well darling, today   it’s a special day for you,” Said grandpa.
“I don’t understand!” said Joe.
 “Oh well, Come in grandpa and take a seat.”
Jo felt weird. What would grandpa be doing in this house on this time of the day?!
 “Come on child get your things ready put your shoes on, we will be leaving in half an hour,” said grandpa.
What, thought Joe surprisingly.
 One hour later Jo found herself walking with grandpa on the street. On the way, Jo noticed that this was the way to the bowling centre. “Grandpa?” asked Jo.
 “Yes?” replied grandpa.
 “How come you are taking me out today?” asked Jo.
 “Hmmm,” said grandpa as if he was hiding something.
Well, when grandpa first came he did say that today it’s a special day. So that means that grandpa is hiding something!

 Grandpa and Jo were nearly at the bowling centre when grandpa saw an Ice cream van. “Do you want an ice cream?” asked grandpa.
“Yes please!” replied Jo.
 Grandpa and Jo are at the bowling centre. “Come on grandpa!” said Jo excitedly. “You go first,” said Jo.
“Alright,” said grandpa happily. “Yeay!!! You knocked over seven pins!”

After Joe and her grandpa had an hour of bowling, they went to the park.
 Meanwhile Joe’s mum was at her friend’s house getting things ready.
 “Where is the sugar?” asked mum.
 “It’s in that little container over there,” answered mum’s friend. “The cake is ready!” said mum very excitedly. Mum put the cake in the oven.

 Meanwhile Jo and grandpa are at the park sitting on a bench and talking.
 “Well, we will be home in about two hours,”
Said grandpa.
 Jo smiled. “Let’s go feed the ducks,” said grandpa
 “Great idea!” said Jo.
 Grandpa wanted to go to lots of places and spend an hour in every place.
 After an hour in the park, grandpa thought that maybe they can spend some time in the library but then he thought that they should go to see Jordon.
 Jo has never seen Jordon before. “Would you like to see that naughty boy Jordon?” asked grandpa.”
 “Alright,” said Jo.
 Grandpa started to get tiered and so did Jo. Jo finally saw the doors of grandpa’s beautiful house. Grandpa came in, Joe behind him.
 “Jordon, Jordon,” shouted grandpa.
 “Yes grandpa!” Jordon shouted back.
 “Come here somebody is here to see you!”
 Joe saw Jordon walking down the stairs. “What’s your name,”
 said Jordon in a disrespectful voice.
 “Walaikum assalam,” said Joe as calmly as she could.
 “I said: what’s your name,” said Jordon.
 “Jo,” answered Jo.
 “Jordon, Manners!” said grandpa.
 Jordon stomped into the kitchen with grandpa. Jo went into the kitchen too. The phone called. Grandpa answered it.
 “Hello?” said grandpa.
 All of a sudden Joe saw a big smile appear on grandpa’s face.
 “We are going to leave in ten minutes,” said grandpa.  Jo went to get her coat and shoes on. Grandpa put his coat and shoes on too.

Grandpa had told Jordon to go to Mark’s house.
 Grandpa and Joe went off. Grandpa decided to take a taxi to be quicker.
 “I can’t wait to get home,” said Jo in a very tired voice.
 “We’ll soon be home,” said grandpa.

At home, mum, her friend, grandma, Mariya, and Nicky were getting things ready.”I’m SO excited!” said Nicky.
 “Everybody is!” replied Mariya.

The bell rang.
 “Yippee!” Mariya put her finger on her nose. “Shhhhhhhh,” Said Mariya.
 Joe’s mum told Joe to go upstairs and get her clothes on.
 As Jo was making her way upstairs she started having a weird feeling. Why is everybody acting so weirdly? She thought. She went into her bedroom and she saw a beautiful dress, “WOW!!!” said Joe.

Jo was so happy. She went downstairs and she was much exited even though she didn’t know what was going on. Jo went downstairs and everyone shouts, “SURPRISE!!!” “Wow,” said Jo. She looked around, she saw everyone smiling at her. There were party balloons and there was a cake and…. Grandma! “Chocolate cake is my favourite,” said Jo happily.

Jo hugged grandma and grandpa so much. Then she saw mum and Nicky talking and laughing about Jo’s face when she saw that cake.
 Jo smiled and gave mum a hug too. A few minutes later Jo heard mum say, “Who wants cake!” “Me!”

“Who’s that?” thought Joe.
 She turned around and saw Mariya.
 “Mariya,” said Jo.
 “Hello Jo!”Mariya said.
 Everybody had some cake and everybody went home after the party.
 “Bye!” said Joe.
 “We all had a great time,” said Nicky.

After everyone went the house was in silence. That was when mum started talking, “Jo?” said mum. “Yes.” I replied. “I’m planning to leave you at home for a few weeks.”

“What?” said Jo in amazement.
“Huhhh.” said mum.

“Why are you going to leave me at home, “asked Jo.

“And how long are you going to leave me at home?”

“Only three weeks,” Said mum. “Just to see how you’re going to do.”

“Hmmmm,” Jo didn’t know what to say. She just had nothing other to say so she said; “Alright. I’ll try my best.”

“That’s my girl!” Mum gave Jo a pat on the back. When are you going to leave,” asked Joe. “Tomorrow at 12:15.” Joe went to bed. She felt so tired and she was really tired after that long walk.

Before going to bed, Jo decided to write a bit in her diary.

3 March 2011. Today it was a great day, that was when grandpa came through the door and we had a 4 hours walk! It was amazing when I came home and everybody shouted surprise! I had a great time and I don’t know what’s going to happen on the three weeks! Assalamu Alaikum.

 Joe woke up; she went downstairs and noticed that it was quiet everywhere. “Mum’s probably already gone.” I thought. “Mum!” shouted Jo. Nobody answered. “Mum!” Still nothing, Jo went to the kitchen. She saw nothing except a plain kitchen. Joe turned around to go get her shoes on; she didn’t know what made her want to go outside again.

Yesterday she had a four hours walk with grandpa and she felt really tired and today she’s gone to get her shoes on! Jo found herself walking. But she didn’t know where she was going because she was half asleep. At home a taxi stood outside the house. An old man came out, Grandpa. And he was talking to the taxi driver.

Grandpa came in the house. “Hello, Hello?” grandpa was confused, he ran outside and back into the street. “Jo!” “Jo!” “Taxi, Taxi, Great!” grandpa went up the big hill on the road as fast as he could but Jo still didn’t notice. She was too busy thinking about the book that Nicky told her about, Nicky had told Jo about the book called Ramona and the boy. “Why doesn’t Joe here me?” said grandpa. Joe thought of going back to the house and call Nicky to see if she will be coming to the library in 3 weeks. As she turned around she bumped into an old man. “Grandpa, what are you doing here?” said Joe.

“Your mum told me to stay with you on the first day.” He said. “And you must be crazy to run of like that!” “Sorry grandpa.” said Joe. “I just don’t think that I feel well…” “Come on now, you probably haven’t even had breakfast.” said Joe’s grandpa.

Joe and grandpa are now at home. Joe sees a thing in her house which she has not seen before, she decides to go closer and take a closer look.

“What’s that grandpa?” said Joe.

“It’s a… It’s a…” Grandpa took a closer look.

Joe went right up to it. “It’s a Book with Arabic writing!” “Oh well it probably just something that mum brought when I was away.” said Joe.

 Joe went upstairs. She was feeling very weird, grandpa went upstairs too. “Joe?” said grandpa. “Where are you?” Silence….. Joe was stuffing her head in her pillow. She was thinking about what her mum had told her. She was imagining herself like a doctor. All of a sudden Joe heard grandpa calling.

“Coming,” said Joe.

They both had lunch and then they sat down on the sofas in the living room for a bit.

“Joe,” said grandpa.
“Yes.” said Joe.
“I have something I have to tell you.”
“What is it?” asked Jo.
“I brought a farm just the other day.” said grandpa.
“Wow that must be great!” said Joe.
“I’m getting tired; you can go to your friend’s house while I have a two hours nap.” said grandpa.

So Joe set of. She went to the closest park she met Nicky there. And Nicky was with some other girl.

“Assalamu Alaikum Nicky.” said Joe.
“Walaikum Assalam.” said Nicky to Joe.
“Who is this?” asked Joe.
“Oh, this is Aisha.” replied Nicky.

“Joe went right up to Aisha who was playing on the swings.

“Assalamu Alaikum Aisha.” said Joe.
“Walaikum assalam, what’s your name?” said Aisha.
“My name is Joe.” said Joe.

“I want to show you a friend of mine, she is really nice and we met today,” said Aisha.
“Great, she must be Nicky.” said Joe.

“How do you know her name?” asked Aisha.
“She is my friend too, I have been friends with her for a whole year and we have never ever broken up.” said Jo.
“Mashallah.” said Aisha.

Jo and Aisha went over to Nicky who was playing with another kid called Hafsa.
“How much friends are you going to make?!” said Joe.
“Ummm… I don’t know!” said Nicky.
“Let’s all make a club!” said Joe.
“It would be great to make a club,” said Hafsa.
“Yes!” said Aisha.
“What about you Nicky?” asked Joe.
“Of course!” said Nicky.

Everybody got to work; Aisha gathered the biggest longest leaves she could find so they could make a leave-carpet.
Nicky gathered twigs just in case to hold things up or something like that. And Joe and Hafsa looked around to find a perfect big place to make their hide out.

 Soon they all finished doing their jobs, Aisha got twenty-two leaves Nicky got thirty twigs and Joe and Hafsa found a perfect place to make their hide out.

“Oh no,” said Jo.
“I need to get home quick because my grandpa might be waiting for Me.”
“I think it’s getting dark, I need to be going home now too.” said Nicky.

Everybody said good bye and they all set off to their houses.
When Joe arrived home grandpa was already asleep.
So Joe ran to her room and went to bed.

The next morning Joe had to go to mum’s room to wake grandpa up. Joe was shocked when she heard that grandpa was going to leave and come back next week.

“Will I be able to go to the parks for walks or to visit my friends sometimes?”
“Sure,” said grandpa.

It was time for grandpa to go for a week.
Grandpa gave Joe a kiss and he said a quick goodbye.
“Bye grandpa,” said Joe.
“Bye darling,”

When grandpa went, Joe had lunch and decided to read the first chapter of her book. She liked it and she got it so she could get some ideas out of it because the book was called: Tips for tents and hide outs.

“Perfect book… I hope!” said Joe.  She looked inside,
“Hmmm,” the front cover looks interesting so I’m sure the inside will be interesting too, thought Jo.

She scrolled through some pages until she was at chapter one.
Chapter One. Joe looked at the writing then she started reading, there weren’t much writing just about twelve lines of writing but most of it was pictures.

Joe found the book interesting she loved the book very much, and she thought it was a good idea to put rugs in the hide out and it’s very important to put things in the hide out that can entertain you allot. And Joe also found it great to decorate the hide out with different funky things.

The whole day Joe was planning of how to make the hide out become a very big awesome one, it could be quit hard to keep a thing like that secret!

A week later Joe greeted grandpa and gave him big hugs and kisses. After lunch grandpa and Joe read Joe’s book for a while.

“That was a great book wasn’t it grandpa?” asked Joe.
“Yup,” said grandpa.

The day went by really fast and the next day Jo and grandpa settled down to have another talk.

“I’ve brought a present for you,” said grandpa.
“Really, oh thank you grandpa,” said Joe.

It was a Chinese doll with a beautiful dress and beautiful hair.
“Thank you grandpa!” said Joe and she gave grandpa a big hug.
“Your welcome darling replied grandpa.

Then grandpa got up to leave,

“I have a whole farm of animals waiting for me,” said grandpa.
“Bye grandpa I wish the day didn’t go so fast said Joe.

Joe decided to set off to the park.
“Grandpa,” said Joe before grandpa got into the car.
“Yes,” said grandpa.

“Can you please drop me off at the park?”
“Of course!” said grandpa.

Grandpa dropped Jo off at the park.
“Thanks grandpa.” said Joe.
“Your welcome darling.” said grandpa.

Joe ran to the small forest which was a bit far from the playground.

My friends must be waiting for me. She thought.
“Hi Joe.” said Nicky.
“Heya,” said Joe.

“Come on!” said Aisha.
“We’ve all been waiting for you!” said Hafsa.

“Alright guys, let’s get to work.”
So they all got to work. This time they all had different jobs.
This time Aisha picked daisies for decorating the hide out, and luckily Hafsa lived very close to the park so she went to her house and brought some stuff that can entertain them all.

And Nicky helped Joe to sort out what can go where.
It was great fun for them to work as a team, and they all did very good jobs.

Aisha accidently cut her finger so Hafsa helped her out. When everybody was finished they all decided to go in and see it one at a time.

Aisha was addicted to it and everybody kept on telling her that they have to have their turn too.

 Then at the end everyone went in together. It was great fun but as always everybody did have to go home.

Then, before everybody had to go home Aisha said that she wouldn’t be able to come out for a week.

Everybody was upset and so was Aisha, but oh well, they just won’t be able to go to the hide out and do anything in the hide out because they didn’t want anything great to happen without her.

So they all said Assalamu alaikum and went home, it was strange because Joe didn’t see Nicky going home (Nicky was hearing everything Joe was saying because she was following her!)

Joe turned around to see if anything was happening and she saw Nicky!

“BOO!” said Nicky.
“WAA!” said Joe in fright.
“AH Nicky! You scared me!” said Jo.

“I know today I was supposed to stay at your house remember today is a Friday?!” said Nicky.
“Oh yes if you are then hurry up I could barely see much stuff,” (Thank goodness they invented street lights).

So Nicky stayed at Joe’s house and the next three days Joe went up to her room and started thinking.

She missed mum very much and she always sent a bit of time with her every day.
“Well,” said Joe.
“Mum is going to come on Wednesday so only two days left.”

The two days went past really fast and Joe was over exited that mum will be here in three hours.

Joe went to grandpa’s house and he had some good news too.
“Guess what darling!” said grandpa.
“What?” asked Joe.
“Jordon the naughty boy has been helping me with the farm allot and his mother came to pick him up when she heard that he has learned good manners.”

“That’s great news!” said Joe.

The bell rang.
“Mum!” said Joe.

Mum gave Joe a big hug,
“I missed you so much!” said Jo.
“Me too,” said Joe’s mum.

Mum drove Joe home and they both told what had been happening.

Assalamu alaikum!

I hope you enjoyed Joe’s story part two!

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