Prophet Musa (Moses) (AS).

Assalamu alaikum everyone.

The prophet Musa (AS) was a good prophet, I wanted to tell you the one part of the prophet Musa (AS) and I never knew this before.

 When the big sea opened up and made a place where the prophet and his people could walk through, pharaoh had said to his people that it was not a miracle and he didn’t want to go into the sea,
 that was when angel Gabriel passed through the horses that the Pharaoh’s people were sitting on and went into the sea.

 The horse’s saw the angel and they all ran after it, Assalamu alaikum everyone.

the Pharaoh’s people couldn’t control the horses and they went into the sea. Then, as everybody knows the Pharaoh and his people were drowned and they all died.

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Assalamu alaikum!


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