A random post.

Assalamu Alaykum!

I’m really happy today for some wierd reason! I just feel like tomorrow something exiting is going to happen but nothing is going to happen tomorrow! (I think.) And today I’m probably happy because my dad has come.

I really love writing in my blog and I like people commenting too!  And please don’t forget to see my previous posts to wich are on the previous page.

Today I also want to tell you my thing that I made up called color’s. In color’s you have to write down 3 things that have exactly the same color as each other. This is how it works:

Red: An apple, tomato, and strawberry’s are red.

Yellow:  A banana, duck and rubber gloves can be Yellow

Orange: A Orange, Grapefruit and carrot can be Orange.

I hope you now know how it works.

And If you find another color that I haven’t wrote down please say it in a comment.

Assalamu alaikum!

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