Joe’s story.

 Assalamu Alaykum everyone!

Today I want to tell you my story:

 Joe’s   Story.

“Hello? Is anybody there? come on Nicky! Hurry up!” Shouted Joe to Nicky” Coming!” ” Hurry up we well be late and my favourite movie is coming on today !” “What is it?” Shouted Nicky. “what is the movie called?” ICE AGE!!!” “What!” “You’ve already watched it three times, Once in 3D then in 2D and another time normal and now you want to watch it again in..    ” 3D!” Shouted Joe. A few minutes later they were at the Cinema. Joe was really exited, “I’ll go inside” said Joe and quickly ran off. “Oh well”  thought Nicky. A few minutes later Joe came out with an unhappy face. “What happened?” Asked Nicky. “The Cinema is closed today!”  “Oh no!”…” I mean oh well”… “Lets go home and have a cup of tea”. Yeah.. Said Joe.

 Nicky went to her home and Joe went to her house. “Mum?” asked Joe, “yes? Replied mum. “Remember you said you’ll bring me some books today?”  “Oh yes yes here they are Joe!” Joe looked at the books, she was amazed, the book titles where very weird and they had very weird titles. The titles said: HIJAB, ISLAM, SHAHADAH and many others. Joe was shocked and she quickly ran upstairs. She ran towards mums room and she opened her mums diary.It said: 6th January 2011. ” Today I went to the shops to get Joe some of her favourite books.”

 “They are books that she likes…And they are books that she might enjoy.” “Joe loves the book shop and so do I.” ” They are very good books about other kids and there adventures.”  Joe stopped for a minute, “I do like adventure books ,” she thought. Then she looked down at her books, hmm she thought. She then started to read mums diary again: “I lay the books on the little chair wile I payed for them.” As I turned round to pick up the books I had noticed that the bag was in a completely different position.” But I didn’t really get worried so I went home and I didn’t take a look at Joe’s books because I didn’t want to waste my time on them” . So instead I started cooking. Joe ran too her room, as soon as she tried reading one book mum called.” Joe! mum called. Come down for dinner!” OKAY MUM!”

” When I (Joe) was finished I ran upstairs and I started reading my books.” ” A few months later I had finished all of my books.” “I had even begged mum to be a muslim.” ” And mum got me a 2011 diary!!!” “Now I always write Assalamu Alaykum (peace be upon you) on every beginning of my diary!” “One day on February 9 2011 I went to see my friend Nicky and I cant wait to see her because last time we met was at the Cinema and we we couldn’t go because it got cancelled.” ” I’m sure you remember that day, and I’m really exited because this time well meet at the library.” “Yeay! I am now at the library and I cant wait to see her!” “Hello Nicky!” “HELLO JOE!” “Come on, lets get big adventure books and encyclopedia’s!” “Yeah!” After Nicky and Joe finished getting there books from the library they sat down to have a little talk. “So why have we not been meeting for a long time?” Asked Joe. “Because I had a trip to London and I stayed there.” “Was it fun?!” “Umm… I did go to London eye and I did umm have a bit of fun and I did also see Big Ben. Mumbled Nicky.” “GREAT!”  “shush Joe your so loud!” “umm bye Joe I got to go now I have to go swimming in an our and a few minutes.” “Bye!” Nicky went home and so did Jo. 

 “I cant wait to go see Nicky again because next time we meet we are going to the park!” Said Jo to mum when she got home. “well, You are having so much time with your friend (Nicky) and you promised that you were going to see grandpa last week.” Replied mum. “hmmm… I just completely forgot about grandpa and… If I go to grandpas next week instead of going to the park with Nicky then Nicky will be angry with me, so what do I do?!” “Well I don’t know.” Said mum. “you will just have to tell Nicky that you’ll be busy next week.”

 “WHAT! ” 
 “I don’t know…”
 ” Just phone her on Monday and tell her Jo!” Said mum.  “Okay!” Said Jo. February 11 2011: “Today I need to tell Nicky about grandpa oh my god, what if Nicky gets upset with me?!”  “OK.”  “I will just have to face it and I will tell you if it comes out good on another diary entry.” “OK now Nicky did get a bit upset but not as bad as I thought Allhamdullilah.”  “I’m now in mums car and I can see the front doors of grandpas big house.”  “As I knocked on the door grandpa came out.” “Ello little girl!” Said grandpa. “Whats your name?” “well grandad my name is Joe and don’t you notice me?” “I’m your grand daughter.” “Oh Joe!”

 Said grandad “I miss you so much and I prepared lots of yummy snacks for you!” “Thank you grand dad said Joe.” grandpa led Jo into the house. They walked through lots of doors and they finally came to the kitchen. The house was so beautiful, it had lots of big windows and there was a beautifulgardens with so much greenery and plants.


“grandpa?” Asked Joe. “Why is there swings and slides in your garden?”  Oh said grandpa This lady knocked on my door 3 weeks ago and she told me to take care of a very naughty boy witch was very spoilt and naughty.”  “Why?” Asked Jo. “Were is he now?” Asked Jo again. “Well he is sleeping upstairs and he will be staying in your house for 3 weeks because I’m fed up of him!”

“Wow” Thought Joe. “Is he really that bad?” She said. “Hmmm.” Said grandpa. “Whats his name?” “His name is Jordon.” “Oh Jordon.” Jo thought. What an interesting name. The bell rang, “Well its time for me to go now.” “BYE BYE!” Said Jo.

Mum was outside waiting for Jo to get her shoes on.

 “Assalamu Alaykum mum!”

 Said Jo. As they drove through the street Joe saw Nicky walking back from the library.

“STOP THE CAR MUM!” Shouted Jo.

Mum stopped the car and she saw Nicky.

 “Is that why you wanted to stop the car Jo?”

 She asked. “Yes” said Jo, “because I wanted to give my friend a ride home.” Jo opened the back seat door. “Hop on!” Said Jo. “Thanks.” Said Nicky. “So why are you so quit Nicky?” “Are you sad?” “Ummm yes I mean no I mean, huhhh.” “What is it?” I asked. “It’s just that I always had my own laptop and my mum use to do her home work on It and one day a boy came to my door asking if he can burrow my laptop and I said yes sure. And then the next day he comes back with my broken laptop saying THANKS and It is all mashed up and mum got angry because she did so much homework and stories and maths on it and she blames it all on me for doing it and she said that she wont give me my own laptop  and now I have to wait until I’m eighteen!”

 “Oh so you wont be able to e-mail mail me for a long time?” Asked Joe. “umm actually I can still go to Mariya’s house and e-mail you from her laptop.” “great idea Nicky!” Said Joe. “Ok bye I have to go now!” Said Nicky.” “me too.” said Joe.

Jo is now at home. She sees her mum lying on the sofa. Joe Got confused. “Why would my mum be sleeping at this time?” Thought Joe “Mum never sleeps at this time.” It’s strange.” Joe walked into the kitchen there was all of mum’s kitchen utensils and the lasagne box and the salad which had not been finished chopping. Joe walked back into the living room, mum was gone. Jo saw her mum walk slowly up the stairs and into her bedroom. “That’s strange.” Thought Jo. “Why is mum acting so strange?”

 “Oh well I’ll just do the rest of mums chopping.”

“Mum looks exhausted and very tired.” Jo started doing the chopping. 

“I have been leaving mum to do the work at home most of the time.” She thought.

A note to everyone: Joe’s story (part one) Is finished. Part two will come on in approximately one week!

Assalamu alaikum!


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  1. JuJu
    May 18, 2011 at 6:06 pm (6 years ago)

    Salaamu Alykum!

    Masha’Allah this is a very big post! How long did it take you to write?


    February 6, 2013 at 2:02 am (5 years ago)

    “Joe?s story. | Habiba’s Blog” really causes me personally contemplate a little bit further. I adored every single portion of this post. Many thanks -Brad

  3. Habiba
    February 6, 2013 at 10:50 am (5 years ago)

    Thanks brad for your comment. I’m glad you liked it!
    I’m also happy to hear my posts are interesting for others to read :) Thanks again,
    Habiba ;)

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