Mix up!

Assalamu Alaykum.

Today I really wanted to say that it’s February 2011! You probably thinking that I should have said that three days ago but I didn’t have time then. My Big sister Khadija has a blog too and she has so much comment’s. I want to have comment’s too! By the way you probably will comment if I say that Khadija is the girl that has made a February 2011 calendar…. AND this blog post is VERY special because it’s called the mix up, the reason of why it’s called the mix up is because it doesn’t talk about one thing and it keeps changing the subject. My sister has a friend and her friend has a blog too. On my sister’s friend’s blog it says that loads of people are mummy bloggers but Khadija is a daddy blogger. So one day I asked Khadija,am I a daddy blogger or a mummy blogger? She replied well you are a kind of special blogger like a mummy blogger and a daddy blogger.

Assalamu Akaikum!

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