Saturday club!

Assalamu Alaykum!

no.1 The 3 groups.

 Today I want to tell you about something I use to do when I was little. I use to go to the Saturday club. In the Saturday club there is 3 groups. The first group is for kids from about seven to ten.The second group is for ages twelve to eighteen. & the last group is a special one for ladies and they get to hear loads of shaikh talks.

no.2 break times.

In the club you can also have break times. In break times we always have biscuits and juice/water. Next time I go to the club I want them to give me tea!

no.3 Mr Scary head.

In the club we have so much fun! I remember when my friend Aeman(she comes to the club to)said that she is going to make a cat and I said: well I’m  going to make mr Scary head!It was time to go. Next Saturday when everyone came back our masks were gone! But I didn’t mind, Mr Scary head looked too scary to me!

Assalamu Alaikum!

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