The story of Adam (AS) and his children.


Today I want to tell you about the story of Adam (AS) and his children.

Adam (AS) & his wife ate from the tree and ALLAH (SWT) punished them & sent them to earth. He & his wife felt really sad & upset so ALLAH (SWT) promised them that they will enter paradise again. Adam (AS) and his wife started feeling pain in there stomachs ALLAH (SWT) sent angel Jibril (AS) & he said:oh Adam (AS) this is hunger, hunger? asked Adam (AS). So what do I do?

Jibril replied:ask ALLAH (SWT) to feed you.
Adam (AS) started to cry, how he used to eat from the fruits of jannah & its water.

Adam (AS) hunger was becoming louder & louder it was so bad it was close to killing him. Jibril (AS) then taught him how to bake bread, he then ate it with his wife.

Adam (AS) then became nice & full. A few months later Adam (AS)’s wife became pregnant, Adam (AS) was really happy! His wife gave birth to a boy & a girl {Qabil & Iqlimia}                   
soon after she gave birth to another two {Habil & Lubuda}

when Habil & Qabil grew up Adam (AS) knew that it was time for the two boys to marry. There were less people in the old days, brothers were aloud to marry there sisters but not if they came in sets. So Habil married pretty Iqlimia & Qabil married Lubuda. Qabil got really angry he wanted to marry Iqlimia,one day Adam (AS) told the two boys to make a sacrifice if ALLAH (SWT)  accepts Qabil’s than he will marry Iqlimia so the two boys got ready for their sacrifice Habil got his best cow & Qabil got his worst crops.Then they were ready for their sacrifice ALLAH (SWT) accepted Habil’s sacrifice & not Qabil’s. Qabil got even more angry he went to Habil & said “I shall kill you! ” but Habil said:even if you say you’ll kill me I will never fight back. Qabil got so angry and killed Habil, but hen he saw Habil laying dead on the ground his temper calmed down & he said: oh what have I done then ALLAH (SWT) , sent a sparrow & the sparrow started digging a hole, Qabil now knew what to do, he dug a hole for his dead brothers body and ran home he then ran away with Iqlimia.

 I hope you liked the story of Adam (AS) and his children. 

 assalamu alaykum!!

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